The nation wide lockdown has kept many celebs doing social and personal work. However, Kannada cinemas legendary Music Director Hamsalekha instead of waiting for government agency to act, he fills up pothole near his house.

The Bengaluru pothole filling work is yet to be taken up by the civic department. But the music maestro of kannada cinema Hamsalekha, who has scored music for more than 500 cinemas took up the work of pothole filling near his house in Basaveshwara Nagar.

Many star actor-actresses were engaged in social work amid lockdown crisis. While few stayed at home and helped their family in household works. Similarly, Hamsalekha known as Naadha Bramha has done a special job during the lockdown.


Music director Hamsalekha has been working on putting concrete on the road while holding the hose in his hand. A repair work was taken up by BWSSB to fix a water pipeline and later lockdown was announced. Many vehicles passing through that road had a bumpy ride. Witnessing this as the concerned authorities had left the road unfixed in front of their house at Shankar Mutt Road, Basaveshwara Nagar in Bengaluru. He took up the work to fix the road by himself.

Many actors make social mockery during the lockdown. Now, Hamsalekha has taken up the limelight working with gravel and cement, filling the pothole on the road and gave out a message of social responsibility.

Recently, Hamsalekha has compiled and released the song Bye Bye Corona to raise awareness on Corona. The song was sung with his wife and daughter. The song went viral on the social networking site.


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