Dharma Makes Sinister Return with Talwar in Hand: A Gripping Villainous Role Unveiled


The Censor Board has granted a U/A certificate to the much-anticipated film “Talwar,” starring the dynamic duo Dharma Keerthiraj and Aditi. Bucking the trend, the film has passed through the censor’s scrutiny unscathed, devoid of any cuts or mutes.

“Talwar” takes an audacious leap into uncharted territory with its gritty portrayal of rowdism. Familiarly known as Cadbury, Dharma Keerthiraj assumes a role with shades of grey in the movie, seeking to redefine his on-screen persona through this gripping venture.

The mastermind behind the story, screenplay, and dialogues, Raghava Murali, also takes the director’s chair for this production. This marks the second collaboration between Raghava Murali and Dharma Keerthiraj after their previous project “Mumtaz.”

Adding to the intrigue, Avinash, acclaimed for his portrayal as Mini Darshan in the famed television show “Majabharat,” makes his foray into the Kannada film industry with a significant role in “Talwar.”

One of the film’s standout moments is the cameo appearance of Jayaram Karthik, popularly known as JK, as Kalki. The notable twist here is that JK’s portrayal brings to life the notorious rowdy Kalki hailing from Mangaluru.

Presented by Surnalli Jayaram and produced under the banner of Touch Stone Pictures, “Talwar” is backed by the seasoned producer Suresh Bairasandra. Suresh, known for his co-production of the Srinagar Kitty starrer “Bahuparak,” steps into the limelight as the sole producer of this project. Notably, he also showcases his artistic prowess by assuming the role of the film’s cinematographer.

The film’s musical score, composed by K.B. Praveen, features a collection of four melodious tracks. Impressively, the song rights for the film have already been acquired by Sarigama Audio Company at a substantial price.

“Talwar” is punctuated by five monumental action sequences that are sure to leave audiences at the edge of their seats. The adrenaline-pumping choreography has been masterfully directed by Vinod, Danny, and Kungfu Chandru.

While “Talwar” certainly delves into the realm of blood-curdling rowdism, it maintains a nuanced touch of emotion throughout—a testament to the depth of the filmmaking team’s vision.

With a U/A certification under its belt, “Talwar” is poised for its eagerly anticipated release. The film’s teaser is scheduled for launch in the initial week of September, promising a tantalizing glimpse into the intense cinematic journey that awaits.



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