Drug mafia in the Kannada film industry has been the subject of debate for the past three days. The Narcotics Control Bureau has alleged that the drug mafia is operating in Sandalwood and identified in Bangalore.

Sandalwood film Director Indrajit Lankesh has also stated that there is such a network in the film industry. Actor Shivarajkumar has now made a statement about these developments. ‘If you know this, come out and tell bravely,’ he said.

Speaking to the media, Shivarajkumar said, “When there is good, there is bad also. But, what we choose is important. They should understand and be cautious. They tell it is fun. But, that fun should not increase. We should always be a role model for someone else. The officers have raided and gave all the information. They have got the information and have told it.

Drugs Mafia was always there. That is going on. Such is the chainlink. We must break the chain. When it breaks, the truth must come out. When it comes everything will be alright, he said.

All the artists and technicians who worked with me were good. I have never seen anyone doing this in the our Industry. But when it comes to this information, it is not a lie. If anyone knows the information it should be said, Shivarajkumar states.

Tell me whom should we be Afraid of? Being a human we should talk about it bravely. There is a department for everything. They investigate. The Leader can’t go and check keep everyone’s house. I am not going to tell or give advice to anyone, he added.

That should come to their mind. I love my life, which is a gift to live. We have to maintain it. Not to ruin the precious life we ​​have. “Leadership is not something that is talked about,” Shivarajkumar said.



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