The renowned anchor and actress, Anushree was on trial for the Drugs case. Anushree appeared before the CCB officials in Mangalore on Saturday morning. As the anchor faced a three-and-a-half hour inquiry led by DCP Vinay Ganvkar.

Speaking to media, Anushree said, “I have answered all the questions asked by the authorities. They did not call me to inquire about the party. They had called because he was my choreographer.

Drugs case:

On accused dancer Taran, who was arrested in the Drugs case by Mangalore CCB officials, Anushree said he was a choreographer for me 12 years ago. I don’t know what they were doing then. His dance class was inaugurated in Mangalore.

I have answered all the questions asked by the police. She said I would attend the hearing again. I had left Bangalore on Friday and had come to Mangalore on Saturday. Anushree said she attended on the time, asked by the police.

Anchor Anushree


Anchor Anushree attends CCB enquiry




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