Actress Sanjana Galrani

Actress Sanjana Galrani, who has been released on bail after three months in jail on drug charges, is facing another hardship. A lawyer in Bangalore has filed a complaint alleging that actress Sanjana has been forcibly converted to Islam.

A complaint has been lodged at the Cottonpet police station against Darul Ulam Shawalilullah of Tanari Road, Maulvi, alleging that Sandalwood actress Sanjana was forcibly converted to Islam from Hinduism. Lawyer Amritesh has filed a complaint against Maulvi.

According to the complaint, actress Sanjana was converted to Islam from Hinduism on 9 October 2018. She has also been renamed as “Mahira”. A certificate was also issued for renaming. But the FIR has been registered, as a forcible act against the wishes of the actress.

Cottonpet Police has sought legal advice on the matter and decided to take further action.

Actress Sanjana has been married to Dr Aziz, a cardiologist. A photo of her allegedly married to Aziz was on social media a few days ago. There are reports that Sanjana was converted to Islam and the same has been recorded with evidence, as per the media reports.

In the meantime Sanjana who is out of jail is resting in a resort near Yelahanka.

Sanjana Galarani

Sanjana Galrani

Actress Sanjana Galrani Actress Sanjana Galrani



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