Life is beautiful

After the phenomenal success of ‘Dia’, in which Pruthvi Ambar mesmerised all of us with his acting skills, the actor is now making his singing debut for his next film titled Life is Beautiful.

Pruthvi is rendering his voice for a special number penned by Madan Bellisalu to which Nobin Paul has scored the music. While Madan is known for his works in Beautiful Manasugalu and Nobin has had successes with critically acclaimed ventures such as Devaki, Rama Rama Re. He has also scored for the upcoming release Charlie 777 starring Rakshit Shetty in a different role.

Insofar as Pruthvi making his singing debut, it is now revealed that the actor who was so much influenced by the sensational Michael Jackson, wanted to become a singer more than an actor.

“However, since I was not that a great singer, I soon shifted towards acting. Though I am not a trained singer, I used to sing in orchestras, parties and so on which always kept my love for singing alive,” shares the actor.

The film team shares that when the music was composed for an ‘inspirational number’, they realised that Pruthvi was very much involved with it and would often be seen singing the tune of it with his own words. “In fact, this is when the team decided on why not to make me sing the number. Like how an actor takes several shots to perfect a scene, I did take several attempts, for over three hours to record the song. I had even requested the team to drop it if my voice and singing was not up to the mark,” Pruthvi said, adding that in the end, they loved it and hence making the debut as a singer.

Life is Beautiful is being made under the banner Friday Films by director-turned Lohith H of Mummy Save Me and Devaki fame along with Silver Train International, produced by Kishore Narasimhaiah, the

Actress Priyanka Upendra who acted in Lohith’s last two ventures as a director in Mummy Save Me Nad Devaki, is also playing an important role as Caroline in Life is Beautiful.

The film is directed by Arunkumar M and Sabu Aloysius. The duo have directed and produced several advertisement campaigns so far with more 20 years of experience in the advertisement industry.

Life is beautiful Life is beautiful


Kishore Narasimhaiah entrepreneur, Director of Arena Animation, Rajajinagar, is the founder partner of Friday Films with director Lohit H. Its primary motive is to create content based movies.

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