Sandalwood actress and former MP of Mandya, has returned to social networking site after a year. The star actress Ramya, who has been missing on the social network for the past year, is back in action.

Actress Ramya has condemned the killing of a pregnant elephant in Kerala by using fireworks in Pineapple and has joined the ongoing signature campaign to file a criminal case against those who killed the elephant.

After a long break actress Ramya, posted a message on the social network and by a message to all her fans on Facebook. She said, “I hope you are all well. Stay Safe! Sign this campaign.

Actress Ramya

Background of the kerala pregnant Elephant death , On which Actress Ramya active on Fb


Recently an incident happenned at Palakkad district where the elephant had entered into a village in search of food, but the villagers fed her a pineapple stuffed with firecrackers. After consuming it, The elephant suffered serious injuries on its tongue and mouth as the crackers exploded and it died after spending three days in pain and agony.

As the news was spread, There was huge outrage by people for this in-human behaviour. Amid the growing outrage over the shocking death of a pregnant elephant in Kerala the state forest department said on June 4 that it has launched a ‘manhunt’ to arrest those responsible for the death of the 15-year-old wild elephant.





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