Radhana Ram changes her name to Aradhanaa


Actors often leave no stone unturned when it comes changing their names for their debut movie. Similarly, Actress Malashree – Producer Ramu’s daughter Radhana Ram has now changed her name to Aradhanaa.

Aradhana has already announced her film debut as the female lead in “Kaatera” directed by Tarun Sudhir and starring Challenging Star Darshan in the lead role, produced by Rock Line Venkatesh. Speaking about the name change, Actress Malashree said, “Myself, Rock Line Venkatesh and Tarun Sudheer three people discussed and chose the name Aradhana.”

She added, This name is not just for the movie “Kaatera”. Henceforth my daughter’s name is Aradhanaa. In the next films too, she will act under the name Aradhana. Malashree has requested all to use the same name from now on.

While her original name is Ananya, Earlier Radhana Ram was the name she had adopted for films. The debutant is already popular among people before her first movies release.


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