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The reason many of us like watching content on OTT platforms is because of the choice of superior offerings. Even if we wish, there is no way of watching them on the big screen in theatres.

So, film makers bringing their films directly to OTTs have to match the quality that is already here. Audience exposed to quality content on OTTs expect much better than what an average Sandalwood film offers.

Law, the film in question, is about a gang rape victim who has a lonely battle to fight. The approach to the subject is very casual. It does not get the sensitive touch it requires.

Even if the attempt was to show the perils of the legal system, and the pitfalls of the system in such cases, the film fails to convey it.

Misogynist statements by the cops, advocate and other characters is supposed to be the comedy part of this film. What was the need to bring such unnecessary elements in the first place begs the question.

A couple of roles like those of the special investigation officer and the defence advocate are written well. The rest of the characters are cardboard caricatures which the actors lazily walk through. Imagine a trial court judge who is handling a gang rape case doing the comedian’s job.

The plot is utterly predictable and all attempts at a suspense half-hearted. The story may have looked good on paper but on the screen, it is jaw-droppingly dull. What could have been a taut courtroom drama reduces itself to a mediocre run-of-the-mill fare. The subject does not get the seriousness it merits or the court the respect it deserves. This was not meant to be a comedy right?

Hebbale Krishna and Rajesh Nataranga are among the bearable presence. Many of the others are an irritating presence.

As I mentioned earlier, this film is not for those who are already watching content on OTTs. Even by the standards of the films made for the big screen, Law is lousy. Only those who want to review the film may end up watching it to the end.



Law Kannada Movie 

Starcast : Ragini Chandran, Achyut Kumar, Avinash, Krishna Hebbale, Mandya Ramesh

Duration : 2 hours

Genre : Drama, Thriller

Director : Raghu Samarth



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