The day has finally arrived when you are Holy and ready to witness the heroics of our original superhero Hanu-Man. The much-awaited theatrical trailer of director Prasanth Varma’s magnum opus Hanu-Man starring Teja Sajja is out now. This is the first film from Prasanth Varma’s Cinematic Universe.

Inspired From The Itihasas Of Akhand Bharat, the very first frame transports us into the fantasy universe- Anjanadri. The underwater sequence shows the protagonist going close to a pearl shell shining like a star with a pleasant voice in the background chanting- Yatho Dharma Tato Hanuma… Yatho Hanuma Tato Jaya… (Where there is righteousness, there is Hanuman, and where there is Hanuman there is victory.”

The real beauty of Anjanadri lies in the Hanuman hill where there is a huge Hanuman statue with water falling from above. The Raghunandana chant in the background gives goosebumps. The protagonist emerges as a superhero as he runs alongside a cheetah, lifts a hill, and bashes baddies in his tribe, because of all the superpowers he possesses.

Then comes the antihero who discovered his superpowers with the help of science and also formed his army looking for that power that makes him the monarch of the world. Upon his arrival, he destroys everything and doesn’t even spare the children. The protagonist is also brutally attacked.

When darkness eclipses Dharma, the ancients shall rise again. We finally got the Darshan of Lord Hanuman in the end. While the teaser showed Hanuman praying to Lord Shriram in an ice cube, he breaks it and comes out in the trailer, indicating he’s there to protect the Dharma. This is next-level stuff and gives goosebumps.

Despite witnessing a visual wonder, the 208-second video doesn’t quench our thirst and we wish for more. Director Prasanth Varma’s efforts can be observed in every single frame. He created a wonderful universe, made us travel along with the characters, and presented the good and the bad in the universe. The masterly story-telling, balance act of science vs spirituality shows Prasanth’s brilliance.


Teja Sajja nailed the character

Teja Sajja is an apt choice for the role of an underdog who gets the superpowers and is assigned the task of saving the world. From the looks to the screen presence to the body language, Teja Sajja nailed the character. He entirely utilized the opportunity and played the character skillfully.

Vinay Rai frightens us with his villainy acts, whereas Samuthirakani makes his presence felt as a Sadhu. Varalaxmi Sarathkumar appeared as Teja’s sister. Get-up Srinu and Vennela Kishore also got the space. However, the trailer doesn’t show the love track of Teja with Amritha Aiyer.

Dasaradhi Shivendra captured every frame in a larger-than-life manner and brought all his skills to showcase the beauty of Anjanadri in the best possible way. The background score by Hari Gowra elevates the scenes. While he brings the divine feel with Shlokas to the scenes involving the protagonist, the destruction of the villain is felt through the sound as well. The VFX is superior, whereas the action sequences were choreographed breathtakingly.

The production design by Srinagendhra Tangala deserves a special mention, while editor Saibabu Talari has done well to cut the trailer sharply. Produced by K Niranjan Reddy of PrimeShow Entertainments, the production values are of international standards.

While the teaser has created excitement, the trailer has taken the hype to new heights. This is the best trailer cuts in recent times.

2024 is going to be Hanu-Man Nama Samvathsaram. Get ready for the divine journey in less than a month, as the movie is arriving in cinemas on January 12th for Sankranthi.

HANU-MAN will have a Pan World release in several Indian languages including Telugu, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, English, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese.


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