The trailer of Golden Star Ganesh starrer “Banadariyalli” directed by Preetam Gubbi and produced by Srivaari Talkies was released recently. Released by Anand Audio, the trailer of this film is  been trending online and is receiving a lot of appreciation.

Actor Ganesh, who started saying that this is a role I have not done before, “Banadariyalli” is a film about love. This successful song performed by Puneeth Rajkumar also matches the story of our movie. So we titled it “Banadariyalli”. Preetam Gubbi and I are old friends. A lot of movies have come in our combination. But this movie is very close to everyone’s mind. We shot in Kenya, Africa etc. Filming there is not that easy. The hard work of our technicians should be appreciated. The performances of all the artists including the heroines of the film, Rangayana Raghu, are good. “Banadariyalli” is releasing nationwide on September 28 via KRG Studios. “See and wish,” he said.

In this film, I play the role of the heroine’s father. The Ganesh you have seen for so long is different. Ganesh seen in this film is different. Such a different character can be called. Rangayana Raghu said that he still gets scared when he remembers the animals that used to come while filming in Kenya.

I am seen in the role of Leela. The movie has comeout really good. I have learned surfing for this film said the lead actress Rukmini Vasanth.

Kadambari is my character’s name. Another heroine Reeshma Nanaiah says that she is happy to act in this film.

On behalf of Shri Vaari Talkies, Gopi, dialogue writer Masti, cinematographer Abhishek Kalathi, Anand Audio Shyam and Yogi G Raj of KRG Studios spoke about the film “Banadariyali”.



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