S Shyam Prasad

The trailer of Tootu Madike had made the premise of this film very clear. It was intended to be a fun riot with crazy characters doing crazier things in an insane situation.

The basic plot, was anticipated in the trailer itself: An antique idol, purportedly worth your fancy millions/billions/crores is sought to be stolen and sold by a politician and smuggler. Enter the non-stop nonsense characters who get the deal to execute it and all hell breaks loose.

Crazy characters: Check
Crazier incidents: Check
Insane situations: Check
Silly/laughable names: Check
Fun: Check
Entertainment: Check

All questions get the right ticks for this non-stop comedy of errors attempt at Shakespearean proportions.

In a free-for-all anyone can be the winner and the rest of them losers. To the director’s credit, he makes the majority audience the winners. For your money’s worth and time’s value the entertainment extracted from these situations by the writer and director is praiseworthy.

This is a crazy comedy which you will enjoy for its no-holds-barred attempt. There are very good actors doing their best and even the silliest joke manages to tickle the funny bone.

The director conveys many things without saying it. That’s the strength of Tootu Madike. Take the title for example. It will mean many different things to people from different classes. It will also mean different if you know the proverbs, idioms, phrases and usage associated with it. The antique that is central to the plot therefore means something different to everyone involved.


Film: Tootu Madike
Certificate: UA
Duration: 129 minutes 
Director: Chandra Keerti M 
Cast: Pramod Shetty, Pavana, Girish Shivanna, Ugramm Manju, Shankar Ashwath 
Stars: 3.5/5


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