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Most theaters and multiplex doors are open from today, amid the Covid-19. Even though government has given permission to open, only few exhibitor have opened theatres. Good news is that, most of the Multiplex’s and single screen theatres have cut down on the ticket fares.

On Thursday, Few shows in theaters and multiplexes were not run, as there were no audience. But from Friday, a lot of theaters and multiplexes are re-releasing movies.

The rules are being followed in accordance with the Central Government’s Guidelines. In addition, a lot of measures have been taken for the safety of the people. Yet people are not getting as much as they expected to see in the cinema.

Meanwhile, the Theaters and multiplex’s are adopting a new strategy to attract audiences. Now the tickets are sold at a cheaper prices than ever before.

The recliner seat in the multiplexes usually ranges from Rs 400-1000 on weekends and Rs 300 on weekdays earlier. But now it is decreased to Rs 150. Other Premium, Silver and Gold class have been reduced to Rs 90 to Rs 150.

Many other theaters are following the same path. First the balcony price was at Rs 120, It has now dropped to Rs 100 and the second class range which was at Rs 100 reduced to Rs 70- 80.

More than 12 films, including 7 films in Kannada, have been re-released. Kannada movies Love Mocktail, Mayabazar, Shivaji Suratkal, Shivarjuna, 3rd class, 5 adi 7 angula movies are re-released. Hindi movie Thapad, Telugu movie Bhishma, Tamil movie Dharala Prabhu, English movie My Spy have also been re-released.

ticket fares

ticket fares

Photo Credits : R Manohar

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