Shivaji Surathkal 2

Shyam S Prasad 

Shivaji Surathkal 2 is a gripping crime thriller directed by Akash Srivatsa. This sequel to the 2020 movie, Shivaji Surathkal, takes us on another thrilling ride with the titular character, a sharp and intelligent detective, as he attempts to solve yet another complex case. This time however, he has to confront the ghosts of his own life as he battles against a nasty serial killer who goes by the name of Maayavi.

The movie begins with the introduction of Shivaji’s present life, where he takes care of his adopted child and is still trying to come to terms with the loss of his wife. Throughout the film, as he tries to solve the most complex case of his life, the ace detective we get to see in glimpses about his own life. We were treated to a small glimpse of his personal life in the previous film. It is fleshed out here. And to add to the suspense, the case he is entrusted to solve is closely embroiled with his own life.

Shivaji Surathkal (played by Ramesh Aravind) is tasked with investigating a murder of a young woman whose last message is to the sleuth himself. Very quickly it is the hunt for a serial killer who announces his intention beforehand, putting the police department into a tizzy. Shivaji sets out to uncover the truth behind the mysterious criminal’s identity and motive.

The plot of the movie is engaging and keeps the audience hooked throughout. The storyline is intricate and well-crafted, with numerous twists and turns that keep the viewer guessing till the end. The director has done an excellent job of building tension and suspense, creating a sense of anticipation that lasts until the very end.

The acting in Shivaji Surathkal 2 is top-notch, with Ramesh Aravind delivering a standout performance as the sharp and intuitive detective. He effortlessly embodies the character, bringing a depth and complexity to his portrayal that is rare in contemporary cinema. The rest of the cast, including Radhika Narayan, Avinash, and Raaghu Ramanakoppa, also deliver commendable performances, adding to the overall quality of the movie. Little Aaradhya deserves a special mention for her performance.

The film’s technical aspects are also noteworthy. The cinematography is exceptional, with the camera work creating an immersive experience that adds to the overall impact of the movie. The background score is also impressive, adding to the tension and mood of the film.

One of the most significant strengths of Shivaji Surathkal 2 is its attention to detail. From the intricate plot to the well-crafted characters and immersive setting, every aspect of the movie has been thoughtfully considered and executed. The film is a testament to the director’s talent and dedication, and it is clear that a great deal of care and effort went into its creation.

Overall, Shivaji Surathkal 2: The Mysterious Case of Maayavi is an engaging movie that is sure to captivate audiences. If you had liked the first part, this sequel will impress you.

Shivaji Surathkal 2

Film: Shivaji Surathkal 2: The Mysterious Case of Maayavi
Director: Akash Srivatsa
Cast: Ramesh Aravind, Nassar, Meghana Goankar, Aaardhya, Raaghu Raamanakoppa, Vidya Murthy
Duration: 122 minutes
Certificate: U/A


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