Shivaji Surathkal

One of the recent best movies of actor Ramesh Aravind would be Shivaji Surathkal movie without any doubt. This mystery thriller the case of Ranagiri Rahasya will sure shot hold audience engaging till the end of the movie.

It is a story about a person who accidently enters a resort in Ranagiri and dies in a mysterious way. As it is a high profile case, the police department hands over the case to Sherlock Holmes of Karnataka police Shivaji Surathkal. He is popular for solving cases with his witty imagination techniques. While he gets just 48 hours to solve this mystery behind the death.

While investigating, Shivaji gets to know it is a murder in the early stages of his investigation. But to prove, he has to find the murderer. This task would give him a tough time breaking his intelligence. A set of people residing in the resort to be questioned and interogated.

Simultenously, there is a sub plot running of Shivaji’s recent loss of his wife. The director Akash in his second movie has brilliantly etched the screenplay and story. It has too many twists, suspense and thrilling elements with some horror to spice up.

Ramesh Aravind

At times the movie reminds of the 2016 hit horror movie Karvva, which too had a similar screenplay. However, the entire credit for this fantastic narration and acting by all artists should go to the director.

After a long time, Ramesh Aravind has carried a new look and donned a new role in which he excels. Remaining artists like Raghu Ramanakoppa keeps audience entertaining with his entertaining comical scenes. Also the cinematographer and background score is brilliant.

This movie is a must watch for all age groups, it does entertain you till the end. Worth the money you spend on watching Shivaji Surathkal. If you are a kannada movie fan , enjoy this mystery thriller Shivaji Surathkal movie with a popcorn.


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