Sharmiela Mandre gets court injunction against media’s false stories


Actress Sharmiela Mandre gets a court injunction over media from publishing false stories on her. The print and electronic media had been reporting on her recent car accident linked to the Sandalwood drug case.Sharmiela Mandre

On Tuesday, In a series of tweets, Actress Sharmiela Mandre said, Hey guys, again I have been extremely disturbed by the recent allegations BY SOME TV CHANNELS against me linking me to the drug scandal and the false imputations against me concerning the car accident on 04.04.2020 in which I was injured.

She said, All of this, during this difficult period when me and family members are still recovering from Covid. My earlier pleas went in vain. As a last resort I have approached the City Civil Court, Bengaluru, restraining the publication of such false and defamatory stories against me.

I am grateful that the Hon’ble Court granted an interim order on 11.09.2020 restraining the publication of any defamatory content against me either linking me to the drug scandal or making false imputations regarding the car accident on 04.04.2020, tweets Sharmiela.

She added, Am thankful to the law firm IndusLaw-led by Lomesh Nidumuri who represented me in this case. I am also deeply thankful to Udaya Holla(Senior Advocate)for arguing the case.The matter is sub-judice. I once again humbly request the media not to publish any such stories anymore.

On 3 September, Actress Sharmiela shared a post stating, Hi everybody ,Me and a few of my family members have been tested positive for COVID-19 with mild symptoms and hence chosen to be in home isolation . I have quarantined myself and going through the prescribed treatment as per my doctor’s advice.

Sharmiela Mandre


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