In this unique film that explores magical realism, perhaps for the first time on Kannada screen, director Surya Vasishta weaves an alluring web of a story in which dreams and reality walk hand in hand. The story is held on the premise that people carry their childhood traumas and aspirations throughout their lives which continue to influence.

In this film, two characters; of which the audiences will be left to decipher which one is the imagination of the other, are both profoundly influenced by what their fathers behaved with them when they were kids.

Tejas (Anish as the child actor and Deepak in the adult role) is a failed accountant with his attention firmly not on the job. What drives him is writing. Why penning a novel becomes his obsession is revealed in the tapestry of present and childhood life. Along with this, there is a parallel story of a couple who seem to have come right out of Tejas’ imagination and living in a magical world beyond his bathroom door. How these parallel lives influence each and other and whether Tejas manages to fulfill his dream (is it really his dream?) forms the rest of the story.

When imaginary friends from childhood continue to be part of a person’s adult life, it is magical realism that is waiting to explode. This portion of the boy’s toys interacting with him is creatively pictured and serves as one of the visual highlights of the film. But it is the screenplay and narration itself that sets this film on a pedestal.

Blending the mind and reality of the characters on screen is not an easy job. The director, making his debut, chooses a difficult subject to portray. It serves as a testimony to both his confidence and ability.

The story is not populated by too many characters which is quite necessary given that every character in the film has more than one dimension and it would have become tedious for the average audience. The director has however managed to keep the proceedings understandable and engaging even for those for whom this genre is new.

Sruthi Hariharan is the pick among the actors. Asif Kshatriya delivers a subtle performance worthy of appreciation. The technical aspects of the film are decently performed without any hitches or glitches. The film however deserved a bigger budget where the director’s imagination could have flourished further.


Film: Saramsha
Director: Surya Vasishta
Cast: Deepak Subramanya, Surya Vashishta, Sruthi Hariharan, Asif Kshatriya, Master Anish, Shweta Gupta
Duration: 132 minutes
Certificate: UA


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