The roaring star Srii Murali was on his way back from Raichur from an event on Sunday, enroute he stopped near a cafe shop. Guess what does a star can do to a stranger, a poor old lady sitting outside the cafe. That lady would have never imagined a big star from Sandalwood would be so grounded without an attitude.

Srii Murali saw this old lady and recalled his grand mother who was same, so he went a step ahead sat next to her.  He posted on his social media page, “This mothers name is Chowdamma, i saw my grand mother in her. She said one cheese toast is fine when i offered, i had one coffee spent some good 5 minuted. We shared a lot of stories, as everyone has there sad and happy ones. Took her blessings and continued my journey.”

This shows respect does not come from anyones stature, but it comes from their personality. Salute to his attitude. Stars are not only in sky, they should stay grounded is what his gesture towards that old lady speaks.



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