Mayabazar 2016

Any movie under PRK banner to be a creative content, after its first hit story Kavaludaari here comes another fun filled story. To audience, Debutant director Radhakrishna Reddy has given a fun riot thriller film with Mayabazar 2016 movie.

This movie is about a unsuccesful con man and a honest cop falling to face the consequences in their life. Both of their cirmustances demands money which they dont have. Both the cop and con man cross each others path and plan to quench their thurst for money.

While they succeed in their first plan but later it leads them to many confusions and tensions in their life. This demonetisation themed movies is completly different from what we have seen in all the movies releases. None of the movies released on demonetisation had a hold on its plot.

The director has to be given credit for narrating such a cool movie with so many elements. It has comedy, humour, fun, emotions, sentiments, suspense, thrill and more over sensible entertaining movie.

Mayabazar 2016

Apart from the music everything is good. There is nothing that as an audience you feel bad or bored about the movie. The main entertainers in this fun riot comedy entertainer are actor’s Achyuth Kumar, Raj B Shetty, Prakash Raj and Sadhu Kokila. There performance will keep you seated till the end.

The story and screenplay is apt without any lag and unwanted scenes. Vasishta Simha and Chaitra Rao play fun loving young lovers who send out a message to todays youngsters with their performance.

There are two shockers in the movie one you would love and another you feel sad about it(Nothing related to the story). Surpise is Huccha Venkat role in the movie and sad part is Puneeth Rajkumar title theme song shown after end credits.

Overall, this Mayabazar 2016 movie is a commercial family entertainer which can be watched by all age group. If audience do not go watch this movie in theatre, then it will be discouraging another good movie and director.

Puneeth Rajkumar


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