Kurukshetra 2019
Darshan as Duryodhana in Muniratna's Kurukshetra releasing on April 5th.

Most of them do know about Mahabharata’s epic tale of Kauravas and Pandavas that ended on a war note that is Kurukshetra. However, the Kaurava king Duryodhana’s plight in seeing Pandavas defeated in every game they play is the theme of Munirathna’s Kurukshetra movie.

It is the 50th movie of Darshan Thoogudeepa, and the way he has carried the role of Duryodhana is one of the highlight of this movie. His attitude and dialogue delivery is brilliantly shown on screen with those comendable expressions. While Darshan keeps everyone engaged in the first half, but disappear in the second half for an hour. As the movie duration is more than 3 hours, as the story needs to be explained.


Talking about the 3D technology used in the movie which is fine upto an extent. As they have tried to give their best with a first time hugely invested budget. However the single screen 3D glasses are horrible with finger prints and leads to unclear visuals.

The movie has a huge starcast, out of which Arjun Sarja as Karna, Ravishankar as Shakuni and Ravichandran as Krishna has given outstanding performance. But the voice over of Ravichandran by a dubbing artist is still a question to fans. The character of Abhimanyu played by Nikhil Kumarswamy has got a major time in the second half and has some good fight scenes. Most of the conversation of Nikhil reminds of him talking about his grandfather and father.

If one compares the movie to Dr Rajkumar’s Mayura and other historically movies which did not have current days’s technology. But they are still the best in making wise. Still the arrow fight of Babruvahana movie is an eye treat. While Kurukshetra has got really fresh and new dialogues from the writers. The BGM and music scored by Harikrishna needs applause.

But the writers of this epic movie Munirathna’s Kurukshetra has tried to tell about the friendship between Duryodhana and Karna, and Shakuni’s reason behind his master mind. While this is a movie one has to watch with your family atleast once.


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