It is a known news that Challenging star Darshan and Kiccha Sudeep once a good friends had shut their relationship for reasons unknown. However, earlier only Darshan had confirmed that they are no more friends by unfollowing Sudeep on twitter.

Darshan Sudeep

Kiccha Sudeep always maintained his cordial relationship with all his fellow mates, no matter what may come. However there were some wrong messages sent out in media between both the actors. It later turned sour in their friendship which Darshan ended it.

However Sudeep always did speak good about Darshan and even wished the actor for all his movies. Whenever, a question was arised on Darshan, it was always a postive and good response from the actor Sudeep. But off late there were many things that went out of the box.

As reported in a kannada news daily, Sudeep was following 66 people in which Darshan was also one among them. But recently the number has reduced to 65, and Darshan was unfollowed by Sudeep for reasons unknown. However, every fan like to see them both on good terms and let us give them some space.


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