dear comrade

The promotional event of kannada dubbed movie Dear Comrade in Bengaluru, both the actors Vijay Devarakonda and Rashmika Mandanna . One such question that irked Arjun Reddy star was on lip locking with his co-star.

A reported asked Vijay Deverakonda about liplock scenes with Rashmika Mandanna. He said, “What is a liplock? I mean, I do not like that word. See, you guys write about objectification. It’s actually kissing, it’s an emotion like anger. When you cry, it’s an emotion. When you kiss, it’s an emotion. It’s not lip-locking, I really dislike that word. Whenever I read liplock, I’m like what the f**k?”

Stating that kissing is an emotion, he said that the feeling should be respected. “If it’s there in the writing or if it’s necessary for the moment or if the relationship between the characters is such to express it that way, then it needs to be expressed that way. If there’s no need, then there won’t be any need. So, it’s very basic,” he added.

dear comrade

Elaborating more about the smooching scenes, he stated, “Actually, it’s not Rashmika kissing Vijay or vice versa. It is Bobby kissing Lilly. We are the only country where people forget that actors are playing characters on screen. I don’t go around taking stumps and beating people or do drugs. In real life, I don’t even smoke. I don’t dance and dancing is the last thing I would do even though I enjoy watching it. So, people should not get confused.”

Rashmika, on her part, said, “The director decides how the two characters should emote. It is all in the mindset. If a person feels the trailer only has kissing scenes, basically he doesn’t want to relate to any other emotion.”

Dear Comrade

Dear Comrade, directed by Bharat Kamma, is an intense love story. The film is slated to hit the theatres on July 26 in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada.

Yash and Vijay Deverakonda cheer up fans with dialogues from their movies

Actor Yash was one of the chief guests for the Dear Comrade event held in Bangalore. Watching Rocking star Yash and Vijay Deverakonda on stage fans went crazy. There were some dialogues uttered by Yash for his fans and later he also shared few Arjun Reddy dialogues with the actor himself.


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