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Sandalwood director Indrajit Lankesh has informef that he would withdraw his statement or allegation against Chiranjeevi Sarja.

Speaking to media, after a five hour inquiry at the CCB office in Chamarajapet in the city on Monday. Director Indrajit without directly mentioning the name of Chiranjeevi Sarja, he said that on conducting the post-mortem examination of the recently deceased young actor in connection with the drugs network would be withdrawn.

Indrajit said, I have shared many ideas with CCB officials. I have provided all the information needed for their investigation. The actors who came out yesterday are brand ambassadors for the Drugs Mafia. I am committed to what I have said so far. I have given all the information to the authorities.

I answered the questions they asked. “I have given them all the information I can to help them with their investigation,” he said.

“Drugs should be eliminated, for the future of young actors, children and students. Young people should be made aware of this. I have done what ever is required. But now, it is not great to name a few. This would trouble the investigating part.

I have no intention of personally hurting them by name. I gave the witness to whom I should inform. I have given the names of all involved to the officers. I have given the name of about 10-15 people. The authorities also had some information. He is confident that he will succeed.

I cannot tell the media what information and testimony I have given. Indrajit has made it clear that he cannot inform the media about it.

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