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There are several movies that are made on love stories but only few connects to the audience. However, Director Ashoka K S takes you to ones life journey that has a story mixed with love, emotions, tragedy and thrill. If you have emotions and feelings left within you then a must watch movie Dia.

Dia movie reminds you the classic love story Mungaru Male, but Dia gives you the double dosage of what one has experienced in Ganesh’s Mungaru Male. Director Ashoka has come back after 5 years with a love story, his debut was a horror hit 6-5=2 movie.  Dia too is another new attempt without songs in a love subject.

It is a story about an introvert girl Dia (Kushi) falling in love with her senior Rohith(Dheekshit Shetty) in her college days. However, due to her shy and reserved nature she could not express her love to him. By the time she gets courage to face him, Rohit would have left college for a nice job offer abroad. However, after 3 years she gets to see him and both interact with each other. On a happy note, both get along to see each other.

Later her fate meets with an accident, then rest is her life journey whether she gets her love. The story is such that one cannot guess with the plot having many twists and turns with a melodious background score. Here Pruthvi Amber (Adi) who meets Dia when she is in a dilemma in her life. While Adi is an extrovert, happy and fun loving guy who always live life as his caring mother(Pavithra Lokesh) guides him.

This movie has an amazing bunch of new stars with brilliant acting on screen that makes one feel realistic. Especially Pruthvi’s character reminds you of Ganesh in Mungarumale and Kushi has done a commendable job. Deekshith has the calibre to pull up more with his screen presence and talent. All the credits has to be given to the brilliant Director Ashok for his vision and sense of humour.

The screenplay and story telling is really fresh for a genre like this in kannada movies. But the movie starts with a slow pace and does feel lag if you are not connected to it. However, the second half will take you on a roller coaster ride with witty dialogues and emotions filled with game changing situations with every character.

Really the background score by Ajaneesh B, gives you a thunderbolt effect at times. Also it has brilliantly captured cinematography and making gives you a good feel. Good attempt by producer Krishna Chaithanya for trying his hand in another new genre apart from horror movies. No doubt why KRG studios have taken this movie, it has that fresh content.

If one likes to sit on a beach enjoying the sound of the waves on a sea shore. This movie makes you feel that. It is one such movie which you can take back home, only if you like love stories with emotions connected to it.

Dia Kannada movie


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