Now Darshan  has made some comments about the movie Yajamana title and reason behind it. The film is named as ‘Yajamana’. So, many feel that he is apt for that title in the film. Darshan has spoken about it.

Challenging star Darshan‘s Yajamana movie has been doing a lot of news. The trailer and songs are a hit of this film have increased expectations for the movie. The title of the super hit movie ‘Yajamana’ is always referred to Dr Vishnuvardhan. This was a cause of controversy. Darshan and film lyricist Kaviraj spoke about the title of the film.

Film producer Shylaja Nag said that the title “Yajamana” is more suitable for Darshan. However, some media have portrayed Darshan as the Yajamana. There was a huge opposition on the social networking site. Many have written that Vishnuvardhan is the Yajamana of Kannada cinemas. The film’s producer, Shylaja Nag, also clarified.

Yajamana Movie 2019

Now Darshan has made some comments about this. The film is named as ‘Yajamana’. So, many feel that he is the best man in the film. Speaking about this, D boss said, “You must come to the cinema to see who is the Yajamana in this movie. There’s really a surprise for you. Vishnu sir is the Yajamana of our Kannada film industry. The film will not hurt or shot in such a way to hurt anyone, “he clarified.

Meanwhile, film writer Kaviraj has unveiled the true meaning of the film. In a recent press meet, he found enough meaning for the term “Yajamana”. “If you read the first two letters you will get ‘win’. ‘Jaman’ admires this picture. The money and reputation of the Yajamana account becomes ‘jama’. That’s all the meaning is in the title of four-letters in kannada, “he said.



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