Challenging star Darshan has lent his voice for the teaser of ‘Praramba’ movie starring Manoranjan Ravichandran. The teaser of the film ‘Praramba‘ will be released on August 23 and Darshan has wished success for the movie team.

While movies filming and post-shooting activities have been completed. This is the third movie of Crazystar Ravichandran’s son Manoranjan movie playing as a lead. The film has been shot for 50 days in places like Bangalore, Bellary, Chikmagalur, Goa, Mudigere and Mysore.

The movie is written and directed by Manu Khalyadhi, the film is being produced by Jagdish Kalyadhi under the banner Jenushree Tanush Productions.

“Praramba” is a film that has a wonderful storyline and has a good social message for young men and women of current generation. Director Manu says, Actor Manoranjan Ravichandran will be seen in three different styles in this movie.


The film has 5 songs and is directed by Prajwal Pai. There are 2 action scenes, Thriller Manju and Vikram Morre directed the action scenes. The film has Suresh Babu photography, Vijay N Kumar editing, Santu, Geetha Choreography and Ravi Santhe Haiklu art direction. Santosh Nayak has written the songs for the film.

Keerthi plays the heroine of the film. Others like Kaddipudi Chandru, Hanumante Gowdru , Raghu Srivastav, Shambhavi, Suraj (Comedy Kiladigalu) are also in the cast.

Prajwal Pai, who had previously composed music for ‘Uppu Huli Khara’, has also composed music for this film. Santosh Nayak has written the songs for the film. The film has Suresh Babu cinematography, Vijay M Kumar editing, Vikram Morre action director and Ravi Santhe Haiklu art director.


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