Heavy rains have hit many places in many districts of Karnataka. Water is flooding into the homes, and several house are damaged and submerged. Due to heavy rains, Udupi’s one of the weaver couple’s house was flooded. Actress Pranitha Subhash known for her helping hand, tries to do her bit.

The hand loom machine used to weave, which is their bread and butter also gets submerged. Actress Pranita Subhash has come to the aid of this couple, after a journo tweets about them . The elderly couple were promised to be getting a helping hand from the actress.

72 yr old Lakshmana Shettigar and his wife are one among a few weavers in Udupi who weaves Yakshagana sarees, His house flooded due to heavy rains in Udupi. They earn Rs 400 per saree. Now shifted to relatives place , but loom machine might have damaged. So, a journalist appealed for help.

Actress Pranitha in a tweer replied, Sorry to hear that, hope the family’s safe. Will make a small contribution first thing in the morning. I know times are hard , but appealing to all of u to help those affected by the floods in whatever way possible .

The South Indian Actress Pranita’s decision has been praised by the public on social medi. Pranitha has helped many through her trust during the lockdown.



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