loose maada Yogi and Ragini Dwivedi

Sandalwood Actor Yogesh alias Loose Maada Yogi, is facing an inquiry from the state’s Internal Security Department(ISD) in a drug case. On Saturday, actor Yogi, cricketer NC Ayyappa and many others have been issued a summons from ISD on the issue.

On Tuesday, Actor Yogi held a news conference to answer all the questions, on some of the facts about the inquiry that were shown in the media.

Speaking to media, actor Yogi said, The Internal Security Department issued a notice on Saturday. Yesterday (Monday) I had been to the inquiry. They didn’t ask me more questions. Their questions were very simple and almost on my personal life. Yogi said he did not disclose the questions asked there because he was told not to reveal them.

Responding to the allegation that Ragini and her have an affair, Yogi made a film together in 2013. I haven’t called or visited Ragini till now. Do not spread the news that i had a relationship with the actress. I too have a family and a child. They did not even question me on Diganth and Aindrita.

Imagining that I might have received notice from an interview given to a YouTube Channel, Yogi said, “In that interview I had talked about drinking, cigarette addiction, and depression in life. That is why i feel i would have got a notice.”

The police did not ask any questions about Ragini. They questioned whether on drugs matter i was aware.  They got some information about my personal life. Asked questions about my friendship with few people, he said, “My mobile phone was with me and they didn’t even take it.”

 It was not party a party sound, but for IPL match : Loose Maada Yogi

On the day the IPL match started, some of us were watching the match, then the neighbours complained that we were partying in our house. But it was not the party sound, but was watching the IPL match. The same was informed to the police also.

Loose Maada Yogi Loose Maada Yogi Loose Maada Yogi


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