Sumalatha Ambareesh

In fond memory of Rebelstar Ambareesh second death anniversary, wife Sumalatha Ambareesh express her feelings on missing her man of life. The Mandya MP and actress Sumalatha penned an emotional note and shares it on her social media.

In the note she stated, “2 years..I close my eyes longing to see you again. I close my ears so that I can hear you again. But I can’t close my heart, which has to hold this mighty love. This unique force, all the memories. All the time, no heart in this world can be big enough to hold what you were, what you are…what you will be forever.”

‘2 years ..Of being without you. Of remembering you each second and realising the value of each second I spent with you. Of reliving all the moments God gave me to know you. admire love being cared by you. Those moments and memories, that laughter and love that we shared.”

The thoughts and beliefs you instilled in me.
Have held my hand and guided me through challenges. Have given me courage and lifted my spirits in the darkest hours. The love and legacy you left behind, will take me through the rest of my life. The shining light of your goodness, will protect me from life’s difficult times.

“Till my last breath You will be there, in every breath I take. Every time I smile or cry because I know if I falter, if I stumble or fall. Your tremendous strength will hold me straight and be there forever protecting me. Its not me who lives now. Its you who lives through me. Till we are one again. Till then, hold my heart and keep me strong.”

Sumalatha Ambareesh

Sumalatha AmbareeshSumalatha Ambareesh Sumalatha Ambareesh Sumalatha Ambareesh


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