Kiccha Sudeep is not just a hugely talented Indian actor. His ability to slip into different characters in each of his movie has earned him the reputation of being a formidable performing force in Indian cinema.

Sudeep’s latest avatar in Cinematographer turned Director Krishna’s ‘Pailwaan’ has everyone wondering what this chameleon actor up to this time. He has been hitting gym and even the one who came up with a fitness ‘Pailwaan’ challenge.

Recently, Sudeep himself told the number of kilos he had lost for his upcoming action packed film Pailwaan. He has lost almost 16 kilos of weight and 4.5 inches of waist just to fit into his role in the movie. “Was 89kgs and 36 waist, when I started to train for Pailwaan so visible in this video. I am 73 kilos and 31.5 waist now,  lesser gravity beneath. All thanks to Pailwaan and Kabir Duhan Singh for inspiring, ” Sudeep said.

Reacting to his post on social media, Actor Kabir Duhan Singh said, “No no sir it’s all your hard work n dedication. In your super busy schedule day and night shooting you are going to gym everyday , eating tasteless food, sleeping on time that’s not a easy job you sacrificed a lot sir for that. And sir let’s wait till Dec 6 evening only will both have butter chicken.”

On December 6, can we expect something from Pailwaan team is now a question, hoping for a teaser or trailer. It is one of the most awaited movie from KFI that will be released in 8 languages simultaneously next year.


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