“Twinkle” song from the movie “Shivaji Suratkal 2” released

Shivaji Suratkal 2" is all set to hit the screens on April 14


Actor Ramesh Aravind’s most awaited Shivaji Suratkal 2 movie’s song “Twinkle” has been released by Anand Audio. The song is penned by Akash Srivatsa and composed by Judah Sandy. Sung by Isha Suchi and Judah Sandy. The movie is bankrolled by Rekha KN and Anoop Gowda.

We and Rahul Dravid’s family watched the movie “Shivaji Surathkal 1” together at this place. Now “Shivaji Suratkal 2” is all set to hit the screens. If Shivaji took up any case, “One goes to jail or to the graveyard.” Which case does Shivaji take up in the movie “Shivaji Suratkal 2”? The curiosity on the case that he will take up will soon be answered. The performance of all the artists and the work of the technicians are excellent. Actor Ramesh Aravind said that the song released today is good.

The first song of the film was released on Thursday, Actress Sangeeta Sringeri has stepped into this brilliantly composed song by Judah Sandy. Let this curiosity be as it is for now. That curiosity will be answered when the film is released on April 14. I thank my entire team for their cooperation, said Director Akash Srivatsa.

Shivaji Suratkal 2

Ramesh’s role in this film reminds me of his role in “Amruta Varshini”. I have already seen the movie. Producer Anoop Gowda says that he is hopeful that people will like it.

There are five songs in the film. The music director Judah Sandy said that the first song has been released today. He introduced the names of the song writers and singers. Radhika Narayan, Meghana Gaonkar who acted in the film, Sangeetha Sringeri who acted in the song, actors Raghu Ramankoppa, Vinayak Joshi etc. spoke about their role and the song at the song release event.


Shivaji Suratkal 2



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