Film Chamber

Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce has come forward to help hard-hit kannada cinema workers from the lockdown. The Film Chamber of Commerce has announced a payment of Rs 15,000 per member from its Welfare Fund.

The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce has three sectors: producer, distributor and performer. There are over 14,000 members from these three zones. Each of these members receives Rs 15,000 each from the welfare fund. A recent meeting to give is scheduled.

This assistance is available to members who renew the membership every year. Those who have already received funds from the welfare fund will not get this opportunity. The rest can apply if they need financial assistance. The applications are supposed to be submitted and then the members to get the fund.

However, Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce decided to give Rs 15,000 each from its Welfare Fund to members (producers, distributors and exhibitors) in need during the lockdown. Nearly 500 have applied in the last few days. KFCC does not have enough to give everyone now.

Recently, Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa was asked by a cinema delegation to provide relief to day-to-day employees suffering from a lockdown. Not just the film industry, thrre are several industries facing cash crunch to help their respective industries workers.

Now the lockdown has been extended till 3 May, the government had to come to the rescue of these workers.

Film Chamber


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