Thrayambakam movie

This psychological thriller blended with a mythological subject Thrayambakam keeps one seated till the end for its concept. Director Dayal Padmanabhan has given third consecutive script driven movie to the audience.

While the movie revolves around father Shivarudraiah (Raghavendra Rajkumar) and daughter (Anupama Gowda), where the father gets confused with reality and nightmare.

Shivamurthy who keeps dreaming about the death of his daughter in an accident. As he keeps seeing the same dream, again and again, a time comes when the line between his dream and reality blurs and now is the time when he will have to fight his struggle to keep his daughter safe.

The movie initially starts with a slow narative and later picks up the pace as Om (Rohitt) enters who plays a detective and Anupama’s boyfriend in the movie. There is a mystery which keeps haunting Shivarudraiah in his dreams and reality, which is answered in the second half of the movie.

In the second half, director has tried to reveal few interesting facts on shiva lingas existing in south India. One such linga known as Navapashana linga, will be falling into a wrong persons hand. Will the linga be protected or misused by the greedy people living outside in the society. The importance and use of that linga raises curiosity and the key point of this interesting plot.

Each scene in the movie is interconnected but tries to confuse you in the first half. While Raghavendra Rajkumar essaying a role as father is apt on screen with his tremendous performance. Anupama has done justice to her role as a daughter, journalist and archeologist. Her acting abilities has proven to carry of any role comes her way.

Not just for his voice but also as an actor, Rohitt has a terrific screen presence. His detective role character will entertain the audience with his dialogues. If given more space for Rohitt’s character the movie would have been not that slow in the first half. Also the dialogue writer Naveen should be mentioned, he has given fresh lines for all the characters that entertains all age group.

Direct Dayal has again experimented in story telling to his audience. But for starting half an hour the narrative goes slow and repetitive scenes will test once patience. However the second half answers all your questions about the narrative. Few shots are brilliantly captured by the cinematographer.

As the mythological subject plays, it will keep one engaging till the end of the movie. Few scenes like acapella song, daughter and father drama with repetitive flashbacks could have been cut short. It tests audience patience when such a interesting plot is revealed in the second half and first half lags that intense pace.

The background music is fresh and especially Shivoham song will give one a good feel. As a villian Director Shivamani has got that stylish bad boy image in this movie, which can land him more movies to his kitty.

Overall a family entertainer which can be watched for its story and narrative about mythological facts.


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