Kavaludaari movie trailer and songs had set great expectations on the movie before its release. However the impressive trailer is not the same as the movie. The expectations don’t seem to have lived up to that extent.

A honest traffic sub- inspector Sham (Rishi) will be trying hard to get his job transferred to the law and order department. His urge to solve crime cases and extend his smart work in his proffessional career lands up in a investigative situation.  He discovers skeletons at a work site, and gets obsessed in solving it.

As the investigation is started by Sham, he will be more curious and puzzled in solving it. His wish to shift to law and order with this case also fails. But he disobeys a superior’s orders and begins to investigate the case independently.

While investigating, Sham gets to know about the first cop who had handled the case Muthanna(Ananth Nag), but he fails to extract information from him. Now a retired officer, Mutthanna turns to be an alcoholic and is reluctant to return to the case.  The case turns out to be a 40 year old murder mystery. The movie will lead to a journey on solving this old murder.

The movie has an interesting plot but the director has tried to play with the screenplay.  Here the naration takes its own time to convince viewers to be seated, at times it tests ones patience.

No doubt director Hemanth Rao presentation is different and technically the movie is excellent. But he has failed to give the pacy screenplay.  However the audience gets distracted, as not much of commercial factors like regular movies. Rishi as an actor is evolving with every movie of his. While Ananth Nag stands out in the movie with his performance.

Overall the movie has a good story and can be watched by all age group. But one needs to have patience to sit and watch this crime drama. It has many wow factors and at the same time many flaws for a commercial cinema.


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