Actress Shubha Poonja is also facing the lockdown effect has headed to her hometown long back due to the recent COVID19 break.

Currently, Covid 19 fear has shut the whole cinema fraternity from doing any professional activities outside their house. Most of the artists and technicians are spending time with their family at home, as cinema activities have stalled.

Shubha, who is currently spending time with her family at home, is engaged in some activities, including housework. Plantation work, fetching water from wells and so on.

Shubha Poonja
South Indian Actress Shubha Poonja has got a photo shoot done, which is too hot to handle for young chaps out there.

Amid the break from Covid 19 , actress is sharing photos of her work on social media. Recently, Shubha Poonja shared photos on social media which is getting big respinse from her fans.

Shubha Poonja Shubha Poonja

A few days back, actrrss Shubha Poonja, movie Naragunda was released on the screen but theatres got shut from lockdown. Within a week of opening, the film had to be shut down due to the corona virus effect.

The actress also sends out a message to all her tulunadu people in tulu language on helping out people who are in need of basic essentials and food.

Actress Shubha Poonja is the favourite among young lads out there for her hot looks.

1Shubha Poonja as a Executive Producer for 3 Devi movie

Actress Shubha posts on her social media stating, Happy to announce to all the people of Karnataka who have loved me and watched my movies .. here is presenting you my first movie as a executive producer .. as well …. your wishes and blessing for this movie.


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