Sakkath Studio

Sakkath Studio, under the dynamic leadership of RJ Pradeepa, is setting new benchmarks in the creative industry. Known for their innovative and engaging approaches, the studio has captured the attention of both the industry and the audience with their upcoming movie “Maryade Prashne” Directed by Nagaraja Somayaji.

The title announcement of “Maryade Prashne” was a masterclass in simplicity and innovation. It garnered widespread attention and appreciation from industry insiders and the general public alike. The clever strategy of launching the song “RCB Gellbeku Maryade Prashne” during IPL matches created a viral sensation, reaching between six to seven million people online. The slogan even made its way into stadiums, displayed on numerous banners, ensuring maximum visibility.

Riding on the success of their previous campaigns, Sakkath Studio is back with another creative endeavor. This time, they have teamed up with Kannada pop sensation All OK for a new song titled “Maryade Prashne.” Unlike All OK’s usual style, this song is a fresh take on the middle-class anthem, reflecting the lives and aspirations of middle-class boys. The vibrant and beautifully shot music video has already started trending on YouTube, further demonstrating the studio’s knack for creating content that resonates.

What’s remarkable about this new initiative is the powerful message it carries. The team at Sakkath Studio is urging Kannada audiences to unite and support fresh, innovative content in theaters. They emphasize the importance of backing new teams, apart from the established stars, to foster a thriving and diverse industry.

Sakkath Studio

All OK’s previous songs have been known for spreading positivity and hope, and “Maryade Prashne” is no different. It aims to instill a sense of hope and unity among middle-class lives, a message that is both timely and impactful. By promoting this song, Sakkath Studio is not just launching a movie but is also spearheading a movement to uplift the Kannada film industry.

The buzz around “Maryade Prashne” is a testament to Sakkath Studio’s creative brilliance and their commitment to meaningful content. As the song climbs music charts and the movie release draws near, it’s clear that this is more than just a film for the studio—it’s a mission to ensure the survival and growth of Kannada cinema. Let’s come together to support our local talents and industry. This isn’t just “Maryade Prashne,” it’s our “Survival Prashne.”

Sakkath Studio


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