Rajamouli praises KGF team and Yash


Director Rajamouli attended a recent promo event of KGF in Hyderabad. Speaking at the event, the director heaped praise on the entire team of the upcoming film.

Rajamouli said that he was proud of Yash’s success and the way the actor struggled his way to be where he is today, adding, “a bus driver’s son has become a top star in Kannada industry.”

Rajamouli also had quoted “I was blown away by the visuals of KGF. They have some original visuals and have not copied from Hollywood movies. The makers want it to be a pan-Indian movie. Merely spending a lot of money wouldn’t make a pan-Indian film. The subject should be universal. KGF is a real pan-Indian film.”

Rajamouli then said that telugu audience always except good movies from any language. He said, “Telugu audience warm up to any good movies regardless of which industry it is coming from. I am really proud of my people.”

Directed by Prashanth Neel, the film is about an ambitious hero, who sets out to conquer the Kolar gold fields in Karnataka.


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