Powder promises to be laugh riot

KRG x TVF, having announced their collaboration last August with ‘Powder’ have served us with a teaser that promises to be a hilarious caper featuring a bunch of down-on-their-luck small town youngsters with big ambitions attempting to get rich quick and stumbling every step of the way while being sought after by various enemies and frenemies all along.

At the heart of this is a mysterious ‘Powder’ that is both high in demand and value. Will they outwit their enemies? Will their dreams come true?? Will anyone truly understand the ‘Power’ behind ‘Powder’? All these questions will be answered on 12th July when the film premieres in theatre near you – across the country and the world. ‘Powder’ – a hilarious, light-hearted Kannada film, for Indians everywhere.

‘Powder’ is a Kannada film, developed by KRG studios, an upcoming content studio focused on theatrically produced feature films in South Indian languages and their first co-production with TVF, a pioneer in content creation and multiple award winning series content. This also marks TVF’s foray into motion pictures and their first Kannada presentation.

Speaking about the film, Karthik Gowda of KRG and Arunabh Kumar of TVF said “ Our endeavour is to tell rich, diverse stories that celebrate young adults in every way. ‘Powder’ is our first collaboration and hopefully a testament to that. We have been fans of some amazing youth oriented comedies like Go, Goa, Gone, Delhi Belly, Fukrey, Madgaon Express etc. and through our feature we believe we have created a laugh out loud entertainer for Kannada audiences and young adults everywhere. We hope you enjoy the film and we remain committed to bringing you even more fresh and interesting stories in the future.”



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