Moorane Krishnappa

Moorane Krishnappa” spins a yarn from a quaint corner of Anekal. Passed down, perhaps embellished with each telling, it takes on a mythical charm, a modern-day fable. Rich in local dialect and brimming with unforgettable characters, the story strikes a deep chord with its authenticity. Laughter weaves through the narrative, making it a thoroughly entertaining and heartwarming watch.

The plot unfolds in a quintessential village. The panchayat president (Rangayana Raghu), a man with re-election on his mind, hatches a grand plan. To woo voters, he aims to consecrate a temple right before the polls. But fate throws a curveball – the celebrity chief guest kicks the bucket! Now, the village school teacher (Sampath Maitreya) shoulders the responsibility of finding a new headliner within days. A well-meaning friend assures him of securing the Chief Minister himself. The film hinges on whether the unassuming teacher possesses the clout to pull off this extraordinary feat.

The first half is a laugh riot, thanks in large part to its clever wordplay and subtle hints. However, the heart of the film lies in its characters. Even minor roles are meticulously crafted, each with their own quirks and personalities, making them feel genuine and relatable. The actors relish the opportunity to breathe life into these characters. What could have become overly dramatic is cleverly tempered by the local slang and unique accent, grounding the story in its setting and adding a distinct flavor to the narrative.

The second half leans on familiar cinematic tropes, opting for a more predictable solution. Despite this, the film’s charm remains. The script translates well to the screen, and a truly unique approach to the protagonist’s struggle could have elevated “Moorane Krishnappa” from a delightful village tale to a legendary classic.

Standout performances are delivered by Rangayana Raghu, Manju, and Sampath Maitreya. They, along with the entire cast, portray the rustic mannerisms and local dialect with impeccable accuracy. For director Naveen Reddy, this is a promising debut. And for the audience, it’s a film that deserves their time and attention.

Moorane Krishnappa

Film: Moorane Krishnappa
Director: Naveen Reddy G
Cast: Sampath Maitreya, Rangayana Raghu, Sripriya, Ugramm Manju
Duration: 141 minutes 
Certificate: UA
Stars: 3.5


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