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RJ Pradeepa’s Sakkath Studio is making waves once again, this time with their debut movie after a string of amazing web series. Directed by the talented Nagaraj Somayaji, Out of all fresh movies lined up this year “Maryade Prashne” has caught attention across Audience and Media.

Introducing the Stellar Cast!

Today, the team unveiled a stellar lineup of actors who will bring this cinematic masterpiece to life. Stay tuned for more updates as the excitement builds and the countdown to the release begins!

Big boss fame Rakesh Adiga , Sunil Rao, Poorna Chandra Mysore, Teju Belawadi , Shine shetty , Hariharan, Prabhu Mundkoor , Rekha koodligi, Nagendra Sha , Shravan. Together, these talented individuals form the backbone of the movie “Maryade Prashne” , each contributing their unique talents to create an unforgettable cinematic experience. Get ready to be enthralled as they bring their characters to life on screen.

The film, which has been in the works for several months, explores the joys and challenges of a happy middle-class existence against the backdrop of one of Bangalore’s most vibrant neighborhoods. “Maryade Prashne” is touted to offer a refreshing narrative that resonates with authenticity and heart.

In a much-anticipated development for cinema lovers, the upcoming film “Maryade Prashne” has completed the shooting and the Movie is under Post Production.

RJ Pradeepa's


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