The movies director Lohith has ensured that family audience should watch the movie ‘Devaki‘ for its engaging story. While this emotional thriller mother and daughter story takes place in Kolkata, it has characters speaking in bengali.

It is about a mother and daughter story, Devaki (Priyanka Upendra) and her 10-year-old daughter Aradhya(Aishwarya Upendra) who is grown up and taken care by her mother. Both have a strong bonding over the years.

A day comes where Aradhya goes out to give audition to a radio station, and she never turns up. This leaves her mother Devaki worried and tensed, as the place is popular for many child kidnappers and who later indulge them into prostitution. Devaki pannicks knowing about the cities crime and faces several hurdles in finding her loving daughter.

Devaki lands up into police station, as some street goons start misbehaving with her while she is in search of her daughter. Later, the police inspector Kishore a good and tough cop manages to understand her plight. A missing complaint is filled and the inspector starts investigating the case.

This missing case leads to the exploration of existing child prostitution mafia and how several children kidnapped and sold in this flesh trade for a ransom money. The screenplay of the movie plays a major role for one to sit and watch till the end. Whether the cop and worried mother succeed in tracing her child.

It is not just about the missing child story, as it takes a turn on the mothers side who is the reason for losing her child. It is one of the best suspense thriller movies in kannada recently made. Brilliantly molded screenplay with a sensible story.

Devaki movie

Except few mistakes in the beggining where the lyp sync is missing, as the characters speak Bengali, Kannada and hindi. All the actors have done a commendable job. The music and cinematography is good.

Devaki movie

This movie do remind you of Godhi Banna Sadarana Maykatu and has some really good emotional scenes. One should watch this movie if they like to see a fresh tale which has a sensible plot.


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