Sanchit Sanjeev

Indian Actor Kichcha Sudeep‘s elder sister’s son Sanchit Sanjeev will be playing the lead and directing the movie titled “Jimmy” in his debut movie. Recently the character teaser of this film was released in the presence of Sandalwood celebrities.

The popular actor Sudeep’s father Sanjeev and mother Saroj Sanjeev (Sanchith’s grandmother-grandfather) released the teaser. Crazy Star Ravichandran, Karunada Chakravarthy Shivarajkumar, Abhinaya Chakravarthy Kiccha Sudeep, MLA, Munirathna, Music Director Gurukiran, Directors R Chandru, Anoop Bhandari among many dignitaries of Sandalwood attended the function and wished him.

Character teaser is composed by Vasuki Vaibhav and sung by Sudeep’s daughter Sanvi.

Speaking at the event, actor Shivarajkumar started by saying Welcome to S Group, S means Superior and Superb. You have your mother’s face. There is Sanjeev’s majesty and Sudeep’s voice. If one has his mother’s facial features, luck is more. You look so good. The making is good. He wished him good luck as he was directing for the first time.


Crazy Star Ravichandran, who spoke on this occasion, said that I thought Sanchit was playing the lead role. Didn’t know he was directing. I found out after coming here. The first joy was the smile on his (Sanchit’s) grandmother’s face. I was happy to see their happiness. Sudeep calls for everything. If I won’t come he will not leave. He asks how I cannot come. That’s how my relationship with them is. My relationship with Sudeep’s father is also an old relation. There is a vibration after watching the trailer. You look good on screen, It feels like watching Sudeep. Vasuki Vaibhav has changed his genre, This time he made a different kind of music.

Shivarajkumar and Ravichandran inspire me. I wanted to introduce our Sanchit to the film industry through them. It is fulfilled today. So a special thanks to both of them. Many seniors have built a stronghold in the Kannada film industry. Kichcha Sudeep said that it is the responsibility of young people like Sanchit to maintain it.

My thanks to Ravichandran and Shivarajkumar. I am eternally indebted to my uncle Sudeep and dear aunty for their encouragement. Producers G Manoharan, KP Srikanth and Priya Sudeep are trusting me and producing. Special thanks to them too. We are starting the shoot in August. Actor and director Sanchit Sanjeev said that he will give more information about the film in the coming days.

Sanchit Sanjeev

Sanchit Sanjeev



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