Chiranjeevi Sarja COVID19 test’s negative informs, Apollo Doctors

Chiranjeevi Sarja

Actor Chiranjeevi Sarja, who died on Sunday, has been diagnosed in hospital was tested coronavirus negative, doctors at Jayanagar’s Sagar Apollo Hospital said.

The actor Chiranjeevi Sarja died at Apollo Hospital, Bengaluru around 3.48 pm on Sunday. Now, Apollo Hospital doctors have issued a medical report on the issue, saying that three times CPR treatment was successful but Chiru did not respond.

If the patient dies the day after admission to the hospital, Covid 19 will be tested. So Chiranjeevi’s throat fluid(swab sample) was sent for the Corona Test. Apollo Hospital doctors have reported that Chiru has received the Corona Test Negative.

The actor was admitted to hospital at 2.20pm in a semi-conscious state. Immediately he was shifted to the emergency ward, body temperature, pulse, and eye check were done but he dint respond to it.

Even CPR(Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) treatment was initiated using the most advanced technology equipment. This process lasted until 3.48 Pm, Three times CPR treatment was successful but nhe dint respond. So it was announced that Chiranjeevi Sarja died at 3.48 pm, ”Apollo Hospital said in its statement.

Actor Chiranjeevi Sarja had a heart attack Saturday night. He was admitted to the Apollo hospital after again getting heart ache on Sunday afternoon.


chiranjeevi sarja


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