After giving two big movies to fans from Sriimurali this Bharaate movie was a eagerly awaited hatrick for the actor . However, the director Chethan seems to have lost his way out in catering a good menu to audience.

In this movie Sriimurali plays a guide(Jagan) who also comes from a family who have been ayurvedic medicine practioners from years. His mother(Tara) wants her son to get married soon. Meanwhile, Jagan finds Radha(Sreeleela) interesting and falls in love with her, as a tourist she would have visted Jodhpur. Later, she leaves the place without informing him.

Then Jagan’s mother would recall a saints word of performing a puja when Jagan turns certain age. Both Jagan and mother travels to North Karnataka to perform the puja accorfing to the saying of the saint. There again Jagan finds Radha, and even his mother would ask. her son to get Radha as her daughter in law.

Bharaate Review

However, Radha who hails from a family which rules the entire region from ages. They are none other than Ballala’s, it would be a task for Jagan to impress Radha family to win her. Here is a flash back story, as Jagan family and Radhas family has an old connection.

This is made as a commercial movie with more than a dozen artists in every new scene, which one cannot keep a count. Also the producer’s money spent on this movie is evident with not just character artists, also the huge sets. The length of this movie makes one doze off. But luckily, every 10-15 minutes the action scenes with background music keeps one awake.

Every artist in the movie starting from Sriimurali, Sreeleela, Tara, Suman, Saikumar brothers, Sadhu Kokila, Girish Shivanna, Kuri Prathap and many more have done a neat job. Also Rachitha Ram in a song does a jig. It is the screenplay and bad editing that has been the spoiler.

This movie story looks like an inspiration from telugu and tamil movies which has flash back story with vengeance. The producer and actor should give importance to story before taking up a movie. While watching the movie in its post production stage, one can get an idea on the movies fate. End of the day, its audience who decides the fate of any movies success.

Bharaate review


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