Apoorva Bharadwaj

Actress Apoorva Bharadwaj, who has acted in several popular serials and the recently released film “Nanu, Adu and Saroja”, is part of the PC Shekhar’s directorial “BAD” movie.

Earlier it was said that the movie “BAD” will have six characters representing Arishadvargas like Kama, Krodha etc. Among them the category Kama is represented by the character Anu. Apoorva Bharadwaj is seen in this role. In our film lust is shown as love.

Anu is a girl who lost her mother at a young age and grew up with the support of her father. This girl who has no love from her mother does not know how to express her love to anyone. This character has less dialogues. Director PC Shekhar said that the character expresses emotions in her eyes and looks like a natural beauty with curly hair. So, seeing Apoorva’s previous serials and films, he chose Apoorva as she is suitable for this role.

The director says that Apoorva has acted very brilliantly and wherever her character appears in the film, she has been painted in pink shade.

Produced by SR Venkatesh Gowda, the film has music direction by Arjun Janya, music by PC Shekhar and cinematography by Shakti Shekhar, dialogues by Sachin B. “BAD” has art direction by G Rajasekhar.

Actor Nakul Gowda, who has won the hearts of public with the movie “Preethi Rayabhari”, appeared in the role of “Krodha” in “BAD”, which also stars Manvitha Harish, Sai Krishna, Apoorva Bhardwaj, Manjunath, Ashwini.

Apoorva Bharadwaj


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