Aditi Prabhudeva as Aana, India’s first female superhero

The actress Aditi has announced, that she will be part of India's first female superhero movie.


Kannada cinema is slowly coming out of the rut it has been stuck in for the last few decades. Last two years, saw a trend of parallel films that are giving audience a good dose of entertainment. Here is one such announcement, Aditi Prabhudeva next movie titled Aana to be based on a female superhero.

Actress Aditi Prabhudeva is currently the leading and hottest star in Sandalwood. Recently, the actress Aditi has announced that she will be part of India’s first female superhero movie. Also this is something new in Sandalwood for a heroine to play such character.

The First Look poster was released and is also getting huge appreciation. The movie is directed by Manoj P Nadulamane.

Actress Aditi Prabhudeva on her social media account shared, “My Next Aana. Presenting you the first look of female superhero. Whole team need your love and support. Happy to Work with such a creative team.”

Aditi Prabhudeva has also starred in Thotapuri, Dilmaar, Ombathane Dikku, Champion, Old Monk, Gajaana and Gang.

It is said that the entire film will be shot in and around Bengaluru. Now the team is getting ready to shoot. The film also features Sunil Puranik, Prerna Kambam, and Chethan Gandharva in other important roles.

The team features cinematographer Uday Leela, editor Vijeth Chandra, and music director Ritvik Muralidhar, among others.

Aditi Prabhudeva Aditi Prabhudeva Aditi Prabhudeva Superhero


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