Bangalore International Film Festival

The 13th Bangalore International Film Festival, scheduled to be held in the city from March 24 to 31, has been postponed indefinitely due to Covid.

The festival is held annually in collaboration with the Karnataka Film Academy, the Information and Public Relations Department. Due to Covid-19 pandemic the film festival has been postponed this year and not to be held on time.

Following a warning from the health department, senior officials of the Information Department held a meeting with the Chied Secretary of the State Government on Monday.

More than 7,000 people from overseas are expected to attend the film festival. In the meeting, it was felt that it would be difficult to follow Covid’s guidelines.

It was decided at the meeting that the film festival would be held once the Covid pandemic came under full control. Accordingly, M JCintha, the Deputy Secretary to the Government (Kannada and Culture Department, Information Department) has postponed the film festival indefinitely.

In a Social Media post, Bangalore International Film Festival official page stated, “UPDATE:
There has been reports of surge in Covid pandemic infections across India, including the Karnataka state. In pursuance of the observations issued by the Health and Family Welfare services department, the Government of Karnataka has ordered the postponement of the 13th edition of Bengaluru International Film Festival (BIFFes) indefinitely.”

“The Covid pandemic situation will be reviewed at an appropriate time and further update on the 13th edition of BIFFes will follow accordingly.”

Bangalore International Film Festival Bangalore International Film Festival


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