Dia kannada movie is worth Rs 50 crore: Rakshit Shetty


Here is the review of Dia Kannada movie by the Simple Star Rakshit Shetty. Usually the stars do appreciate other movies with a word. But Rakshit seem to be in love with the movie so much that he has changed his display picture.

Rakshit Shetty

After watching , Rakshit has given a detailed review about Dia movie. He has shared his views on social media after watching it in theatre on Sunday. Rakshit says, “Dia is a new age Mungaru Male. After a long long time, I want to talk so much about a film, So much Dia. First and foremost I am in love with this film Dia. That’s the most important thing. Beautiful is not the word.”

“When the film started, in instantly fell in love with the craft the director had created. And then I fell in love with this character #Dia. The way her character was written and portrayed. There is no way you can’t fall in love with her. I have no words to explain my feelings after watching the film. I have so much to say but my emotions have overpowered. I have no words to express Dia,” Said Rakshit.

He added, The director Ashok K S knows his craft and how beautifully he has written it and shot it. I mean my words won’t justify his skill and work. You got to experience it yourself Dia. This film would have made nothing less than 50Cr if it had some star. That would given an initial boost but trust me the beauty of the film is it has all new comers. And how beautifully they have performed.

I am emotionally overwhelmed for many reasons. Mainly I watched a wonderful film. And it was in Kannada. I am overwhelmed with the fact that we have such talents here… I am overwhelmed because I know there is one more film maker here whose work I will look forward to Dia.

The lead actors Kushee and Pruthvee Ambaar have stolen the show. Pavithra Lokesh is wonderful and Dheekshith has played his character really well. Thanks Krishna Chaithanya for producing this beautiful film and supporting new talents Dia.

Dia is a film which will win people’s heart and it deserves more than winning in box office but for a craft man like Ashok to even dare to craft his next film the way he wants, for a producer to support such talents, for these talented actors to make a career here, winning at the box office is very important. Every good Kannada film should win and this is not just good, this is excellent beautiful and what not. So go to theatres now and spread the word. I guarantee you it will be worth it. Save a good film not just because it is worth it not just because it deserves to be saved but also because everyone of us deserve to watch a good film now and in the future, writes Rakshit Shetty.

Also when one of them asked Rakshit you have never spoken or tweeted so much about your films. Rakshit gave an sweet and amazing reply, “Nam bagge nave matadakagutta? Olledo kettaddo… Jana matadbeku. Aadre bere cinema bagge naav matadbahudu.”

Rakshit Shetty

Dia movie is already concerned a hit movie of 2020

While this year there are 5 movies which are declared good and hit movies with audience. Out of that Dia movie is critically and from audience appreciated for its unique subject. Other movies are Naanu Mathu Gunda, Love Mocktail and Gentlemen movies are declared hit.

Dia kannada movie


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