Everyone from the young to the elderly, from kids to the old age, are also pleased to watch KGF. KGF is now seen by an actor in a local theatre covering his face with a monkey cap. Guess who is this actor?

Senior actor Jaggesh after a gap of 3 decades watching movie alone in a theatre with audience as a commoner, recalls his earlier days. Jaggesh shared his experience watching KGF movie with other fans wearing a mask. ” Being aware of hiding his identity for reasons known as a star himself wearing a lungi, chappal and went to the theater covering his face with a monkey cap. He sat on the front seat and saw KGF movie,” Jaggesh said.

In the movie Interval he ate spicy puffed rice and drank tea. Along with the boy sitting next to him, he has received several questions about the film. The one whom he spoke to was a hardcore Darshan fan, his words on his love for Kannada language movies got him tears. He sat along with the other theatre audience and enjoyed watching KGF movie, explains the actor.

He added, The movie is a pride for kannada industry and laudes actor Yash performance for his love for cinema. He says, yash has passion to do movies and struggled to achieve this success. Also congragulates and praises director Prashanth Neel for his commendable job and vision for making KGF.


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