Mark Antony

Prime Video announced the global streaming premiere of Tamil blockbuster Mark Antony. Directed by Adhik Ravichandran, the sci-fi-action thriller stars Vishal, SJ Suryah, Ritu Varma, and Sunil in lead roles, along with K Selvaraghavan, Abhinaya, and Y G Mahendran in pivotal roles.

The film will exclusively stream in India and across 240 countries and territories worldwide on October 13 in Tamil, with dubs in Telugu. Mark Antony is the latest addition to the Prime membership. Prime members in India enjoy savings, convenience, and entertainment, all in single membership for just ₹1499/ year.

A sci-fi adventure set in the 90s, Mark Antony is a gripping blend of futuristic technology and the violent world of gangsters. Mark (Vishal), the son of Antony (also played by Vishal) gets access to a unique telephone that allows him to communicate with people in his past.

Shrouded by the mystery of his parents’ deaths, Mark is determined to use the device and get answers to the questions that can help him find closure. But nothing seems as he imagined it to be, when he uncovers many long-kept secrets and the true intentions and motives of his guardian and adoptive father – Jackie (SJ Suryah). How will Mark react to this new twisted reality? And will he be able to influence his past using the telephone?

Mark Antony


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